Us Patent For Method Of And Apparatus For
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US Patent Application for Method and apparatus.

26,371. Tesla, N. July 1, [date applied for under Sec. 103 of Patents &c. Act, A.D. 1883]. Propulsion, controlling from a distance; steering from outside vessel.-Fig. 3 shows the application to a vessel having electromagnetic motors D, F, the former for propelling, and the latter for actuating the rudder shaft G<1> by the worm and spur gearing. Method of and apparatus for testing wooden poles Abstract. For testing wooden poles, a transmitter unit including a piezo electric transducer, energized to produce repetitive pulses of ultrasonic frequency, is held against the pole. The transmitter unit produces an. Improved methods and apparatus for entraining human brain patterns, employing frequency following response FFR techniques, facilitate attainment of desired states of consciousness. In one embodiment, a plurality of electroencephalogram EEG waveforms, characteristic of a given state of consciousness, are combined to yield an EEG waveform to. A method for changing brain wave frequency to a desired frequency determines a current brain wave frequency of a user, generates two frequencies with a frequency difference of a magnitude between that of the current actual brain wave frequency and the desired frequency but always within a predetermined range of the current actual brain wave.

Apparatus for and method of compressing form data Abstract. A form data compressing method in which form data are stored in memory for every raster, the raster data pattern of each raster is divided into a plurality of units each having a plurality of bits, the unit data patterns of these units are subjected to comparison to perform. United States Patent:. Method of and an apparatus for logic circuit synthesis Abstract. For enabling to easily and efficiently perform analysis, logical checks and revisions of a logic circuit synthesized with automatic logic circuit synthesis, an apparatus for automatically synthesizing a. Method of and apparatus for vacuum casting Abstract. In a method of vacuum casting wherein when the molten metal previously introduced into a molten metal reservoir is fed into a cavity, the lowest head of the molten metal in the molten metal reservoir is held to be higher than the level of a sprue, so that the cycle time of casting. Can I include a "method and apparatus claim" for a patent filed in the UK? I'm developing a system that uses augmented reality in novel ways. All the patent prior art that I can find involves method.

I read a while back that one's goal should be a patent that is a method, a system and a means I don't quite know what a means is. Is this actually a good goal? I also read that all the steps of a method including all dependent claims of the method must be used in order for it to infringe. Is that true? u nited s tates p atent o ffice. nikola tesla, of new york, n. y. method of and apparatus for controlling mechanism of moving vessels or vehicles. specification forming part of letters patent no. 613. United States Patent: 5,532,600: Hoshino July 2, 1996 Method of and apparatus for evaluating reliability of metal interconnect Abstract. Disclosed is a method of and an apparatus for evaluating the reliability of metal interconnects. U.S. Patent 3,626,605: Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field e-Book. Click on either the image to the left or the hyperlink, above, to obtain a copy of the original U.S. Patent 3,626,605, “Method and Apparatus for Generating a Secondary Gravitational Force Field,” e. Also disclosed is a new and improved method for electrically treating water molecules to decompose them into hydrogen gas and oxygen gas at efficiency levels ranging between approximately 80-100%. The evolved hydrogen gas may be used as a fuel; and the.

U.S. Patent 3,626,606: Method and Apparatus for Generating a Dynamic Force Field e-Book. Click on either the image to the left or the hyperlink, above, to obtain a copy of the original U.S. Patent 3,626,606, “Method and Apparatus for Generating a Dynamic Force Field,” e-Book. 18/10/1994 · The present invention relates to an improved method of inducing desired states of consciousness, including different levels of sleep, in human beings, using a technique known as frequency following response FFR, developed by the present inventor. The invention also relates to apparatus for performing the method.

A method of and an apparatus for analysis of patterns both in static and dynamic modes. A test histogram is described in terms of the optimum code described for a reference histogram. 05/12/2019 · The method may include providing a substrate in a process chamber. The substrate may include a semiconductor structure, and a dopant layer disposed on a surface of the METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR NON LINE-OF-SIGHT DOPING - Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates, Inc.

In United States patent law, a method, also called "process", is one of the four principal categories of things that may be patented through "utility patents". The other three are a machine, an article of manufacture also termed a manufacture, and a composition of matter. Method is synonymous with process and both apparatus and system would fall under machine. Something like a micro-controler with specific software flashed into it might be seen an article of manufacture or as a machine. The Federal Circuit cited a 1990 decision of the Board of Patent Appeals and Interfereneces “Board” of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office “PTO” which “made it clear that reciting both an apparatus and a method of using that apparatus renders a claim indefinite” under 35 U.S.C. § 1122. A method and apparatus for selectively sintering a layer of powder to produce a part comprising a plurality of sintered layers. The apparatus includes a computer controlling a laser to direct the laser energy onto the powder to produce a sintered mass. US PATENT 5,507,291- METHOD AND AN ASSOCIATED APPARATUS FOR REMOTELY DETERMINING INFORMATION AS TO A PERSON'S EMOTIONAL STATE US PATENT: US5629678:IMPLANTABLE TRANSCEIVER-Apparatus for Tracking And Recovering Humans. US PATENT FOR BARCODE TATTOO--Method for verifying human identity during electronic sale.

Complete Patent Searching Database and Patent Data Analytics Services. Method of and apparatus for controlling electric current - Cooper, Hewitt Peter Login Sign up. Business method patents are a class of patents which disclose and claim new methods of doing business. This includes new types of e-commerce, insurance, banking and tax compliance etc. Business method patents are a relatively new species of patent and there have been several reviews investigating the appropriateness of patenting business methods.

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